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Reasons to Break Up
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What are some reasons to break up? Here's some we gathered from around the web.

Be sure to add your own reasons to break up at the end of the page.

From http://www.poemofquotes.com/

"Top 5 Reasons to Break Up

There are always reasons to break up, but some more common than others. If any of these things happen, it is time to move on and find another love.

It's time to break up if you have...

1. An abusive relationship.
2. No trust.
3. Found someone else.
4. Loss of interest.
5. No future together. "

From http://www.loveshack.org/forums/t29527/

"Q. reasons to break up...

I've been with my bf for 5 years now. It hasnt been all that easy, but this year it was hell and I made the wrong decision i think.

Early this year my bf confronted me, saying that he wasnt happy in our relationship any more, he wanted to be free. I didnt see it coming and i was schocked. We talked and argued about it for a month resulting in my bf staying with me. He said he was wrong and wanted to stay with me and he seemed/ still seems happy with that decision.

My problem is that i regret asking him to stay when he wanted to break up. My problem is that we havent been sleeping with each other for a few months at a time, and this makes me really insecure and not wanted, and he thinks its not that important. Well, it is for me, I want a relationship with someone who cares about me physically too. Although we live together, there's a huge distance between us. I'm not even sure i love him any more...

Am i being silly? We connect very well otherwise, it's easy to live with him. Should i break up? Everyday i'm more convinced i should... I'm also worried why we dont connect physically any more, it is really emotionally tiring!!

Anyone some good advice??

A. That sounds like a crappy situation. Honestly, if you are even questioning your feelings for him, you are losing some feeling for him. Maybe it WOULD be a good thing to end it. You may be able to save a friendship and/or the relationship by ending it now. You need the break before it turns into a huge fight and you two never speak again. Good luck!

From http://www.essortment.com

"Three reasons to break up with your boyfriend

The three reasons to break up with your boyfriend include: the two of you having different goals for the future, physical or emotional abuse, and a lack of trust.

Four reasons to break up with your girlfriend

Four reasons to break up with your girlfriend include the following: you are leading her on, you don't trust her, your relationship has made your life worse, or you are only with her out of guilt."

From http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll

"The Break-Up, review by BY ROGER EBERT

The Break-Up" hints that the broken-up couple will get back together again, but that doesn't make us eager for a sequel. The movie stars Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston as Gary and Brooke, a steady couple who have many reasons to break up but none to get together, except that they fall in love. Since the scenes where they're together are so much less convincing than the ones where they fall apart, watching the movie is like being on a double-date from hell."

From http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/

"Q. What makes your girlfriend to break up with you even though you havent done anything wrong to her?

A. here is truth to the saying, "It's not you, it's me." Really you don't have to do anything wrong for someone to break up with you. Feelings change all the time. It could be many different things...she finds someone else attractive, she's tired of being in a relationship, she's having a serious mood swing, who ever really knows. All I can say is, don't think to hard about it...what happens, happens. You dwelling over it won't change anything at all.

A. Girls dont need reasons to break up, they do it coz they feel like it."

From http://tamilmovies.withme.us/DISCUSSION-COMMUNITY


withholding important informations for fear of rejection

asking not what you can do for the relationship but only what the relationship can do for you

making a big deal out of the small stuff

the need to always be in control

consuming all your time and energies with work, hobbies, errands and chores instead of focusing on your relationship

seeking stimulation and assurance from all the wrong places to satisfy the immature need to feel good

not being accountable for bad behavior

not letting go of negative attachments to friends and relatives who are damaging to your relationship

not knowing when to leaveand cut your losses

disconnecting for all the wrong reasons"

36 FREE Breakup & Relationship eBooks
Join our community and get
our ebooks for free! Learn how to stop your breakup and win your ex back for free!
Broken Heart?
Find out how to mend your brokenheart caused by a broken relationship. Advice from The Breakup Guru.
Did She Dump You?
Are you a nice guy and still got dumped for a jerk? Learn how to be the bastard women want, and never get dumped again!
Win Your Ex Back!
Find out how to win your ex back and keep them hopelessly attached to you forever more!

From http://www.usatoday.com/life/television/

"Wanted: Reasons to watch 'Emily', By Robert Bianco, USA TODAY

I have a feeling Emily's about to learn a few more reasons why not.

Emily (Heather Graham) comes up with endless reasons to break up. Emily (Heather Graham) comes up with endless reasons to break up.


Not that anyone should really need to be taught the reasons why this might not be the best time to launch yet another painfully precious, heavily narrated Sex and the City salute to the dating trials of the young and the beautiful. The explanations for viewer exhaustion with the genre should be obvious even to a TV novice like Heather Graham.

Graham does exude an almost irresistible all-American-girl adorability, so much so that you're willing to forgive her lapses in sitcom skill.

Even at her worst, when she's contorting her face to match the coy, thought-revealing voice-over, you tend to root for her. Unfortunately for ABC, by the end of Emily's Reasons Why Not, you're rooting for her to find a better vehicle.

The sitcom casts Graham as Emily Sanders, a successful publishing executive who has spent her life cataloguing the reasons against taking various courses of action. When her affair with a cheating self-help author goes south, she decides to apply a new countdown rule to romance: If she can come up with five reasons why a relationship won't work, she dumps the guy."

From http://watkins.gospelcom.net/breakingup.htm

Reasons to break up

"Know when to break up

It's time to call it quits when:

1. You can't be yourself with your partner.

2. You feel that the relationship is smothering you emotionally, socially, or spiritually. (Remember the Cling-ons from the last chapter?)

3. You sense there are differences in values, beliefs, and life goals. (Reread chapter 7 if you feel you're in an unstable relationship.)

4. One of you is moving a distance away. Looking back, both Sandy and I would have missed rich opportunities to get to know other people if we had tried to keep up a 150-mile relationship for several years. As soon as I left, she started to date one of my good friends. It took me longer to start dating seriously again, but I then met my wife-to-be.

5. You find yourself outgrowing the person. I really believed we were right for each other during the time Sandy and I were together, but we were growing in different directions.

6. You're in an emotionally, physically, or sexually abusive relationship. Don't make excuses for your partnerójust get out!"

From http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/

"Saying goodbye to self-indulgence with 'Seinfeld', By Jill Brooke, CNN Showbiz Correspondent

".... Reasons to break up, and avoid growing up

The reasons cited for breaking up were memorable and laughable.

Seinfeld "'Seinfeld' revealed men's military secrets. They really will break up over whether you eat peas one at a time," explained Mark Simone, a stand-up comedy writer and television historian.

Before "Seinfeld," we were taught to believe bad morals or bad manners could cause a break-up.

But we learned that having bad taste in commercials, laughing strangely, having big hands, not kissing on the third date and, worst of all, being liked by your parents, were all acceptable dumping grounds.

Deep down, the show's characters never wanted to settle down. They weren't after a mate to bicker with or kids to give them one crisis after another. They weren't looking to work in an office where their boss gave them ulcers.

They wanted to remain young, carefree, fun-loving single people. The cast looked and acted as though they were fresh out of college.

For Jerry, cereal was fine cuisine and Superman cartoons were great art. You rarely saw George in a tie and jacket. Kramer looked like he got his wardrobe from vintage clothing stores. And Elaine's hair was often anything but coifed.

As for their apartments, they were more Ikea than Martha Stewart.

The characters, like so many baby boomers, were determined not to live their parents' lives and settle down at 25."

Please leave your comments, suggestions, or reasons to break up below:

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