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Marriage Break Up
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Marriage Break Up - advice and more!

Whether it is in your own home, or on the latest entertainment news, a marriage break up is a thing to feel sad over.

Relationships always end for a reason, but when your own marriage break ups, the feelings of failure and loss can be overwhelming.

Below we've gathered some marriage break up news from around the web, and, as usual, please be sure to leave your comments and suggestions below regarding the break up of marriage.

From http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4759156/

"How to tell the kids about marriage break-up

Correct timing and a united front are crucial for this very difficult conversation, says ‘Today’ contributor Dr. Ruth Peters

Q: My husband and I are considering a trial separation in the near future. Obviously, we wonder what is the best way to tell our three kids, ages nine, twelve and fourteen. He feels that we should tell them immediately since we know that we will be separating, but I would like to wait as long as possible to do so since I believe it will upset them. In your experience, what is the best time frame for telling kids and what’s the best way to do it?

A: Parents separating, and therefore disrupting the children’s home, is one of the most traumatic experiences that many kids go through in their formative years. The timing and manner in which it is presented can make the difference between a tolerable situation and a frightening, traumatic event. Rarely is separation a relief to kids, generally it is a confusing and fearful time. Expect unpleasant effects on the children no matter how you tell them, but try to hold these to a minimum."

From http://au.pfinance.yahoo.com/life-stages/

"Divorce - Facing A Marriage Break Up

It may seem unromantic in the first flush of married life to talk about what will happen after the divorce, but it's best to protect yourself financially as much as possible. Emotions can run high when a divorce is in progress, so talking about issue well before they arise when you're still madly in love is a good idea.

A financial agreements can be used to specify how your property and/or spouse maintenance will be arranged if you separate, and can be made before or during marriage. A 'pre-nuptial agreement' is the term commonly used for a financial agreement made before marriage.

A financial agreement will only be binding if it meets certain requirements set out in the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), and you'll need to get legal advice when putting one together.

Property settlement is the process of dividing up both your and your partner's property after you separate. Both your and your partner's property is included, regardless of whose name it is in, and includes:

* Real property e.g. land, houses and units
* Any other property which can be owned e.g. furniture, cars, money, shares, boats etc.
* Superannuation"

From http://www.ciao.co.uk/

"Reviews of Marriage Break Up - Penny Jordan

Marriage Break Up

Abbie Howard's daughter is getting married and the love she has for her daughter makes her want the perfect wedding for her. Abbie has always given her daughter everything she has always wanted apart from one thing and that is the name of her real father. He walked away from Abbie believing that the child she carried was not his. When Sam Howard finds out that the child Abbi had was really his daughter he would stop at nothing to be able to..."

From http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/|

"Warne discusses marriage break-up woes

Australia's Shane Warne acknowledges the crowd after Australia won the fifth and final Ashes cricket Test against England and the series 5-0 at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Friday.

In a frank exchange with top British television interviewer Michael Parkinson, Warne admits the marriage break-up was his fault, Australian media reported yesterday ahead of the broadcast later in the day.

"There were times when I sat by myself and cried," Warne told Parkinson.

"Some of the things that I've done and the mistakes I've made I'm not proud of, but it shows I'm human," the world's top Test wicket-taker said.

"If I had stopped and thought `hang on a minute,' I wouldn't have done it.But unfortunately I gave way to temptation," he said."

From http://www.dailynews.co.za

"Henin reveals pain of marriage break-up

Justine Henin admitted that the shock of the break-up of her marriage is so great that she has no immediate goal to regain the world No 1 spot, and can't yet think about anything other than playing tennis over the next couple of months.

The former triple Grand Slam titleholder from Belgium spoke openly about the pain in her life, making it clear that her ability to get over the trauma will depend on how she is treated, especially during the next few weeks.

Just days before beginning the defence of her Dubai Open title she made an appeal to be allowed privacy.

"I want to keep my private life with the name I give it - it's private. I am sure a lot of people understand that. You always have a lot of people who are very curious and they want to know why and who - and who cares? That's my life.

"Everyone has to respect it because we all have the same rights. We can talk about tennis and I know I am a public person. I understand that perfectly."

36 FREE Breakup & Relationship eBooks
Join our community and get
our ebooks for free! Learn how to stop your breakup and win your ex back for free!
Broken Heart?
Find out how to mend your brokenheart caused by a broken relationship. Advice from The Breakup Guru.
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Win Your Ex Back!
Find out how to win your ex back and keep them hopelessly attached to you forever more!

From http://www.ncahs.nsw.gov.au/men

"Marriage Break up and Separation

If you are dealing with the difficult process of marriage break up and separation you are probably finding the going very tough and odds are that you don't have many people to talk to about your feelings. Many men find it difficult to confide in others - partly because men are often brought up believing they must always appear strong, and that asking for help is a sign of inadequacy. Another reason is that although a man may have friends with whom he works, socialises or plays sport, they're not always the kind of relationships in which he feels he can confide his deepest feelings.

The fact that men often don't have enough emotional support is a major reason why, when marriages break up, many men develop emotional problems which can eventually affect their health. Each year in Australia there are around 52,000 divorces and 70,000 separations - a figure which includes couples living in long term de facto relationships. According to Geoff Price, of the NSW Men's Health and Wellbeing Association, an organisation which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of men and boys in the community, this adds up to large numbers of men who aren't coping with the aftermath of separation. According to research by the Family Court of Australia, many men are still struggling with problems related to separation ten years after the event."

From http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00007075.html

"Ryan Phillippe's Heart to Heart Talks About Marriage Break-Up

He talks. Ryan Phillippe breaks his silence on his marriage break-up with estranged wife Reese Witherspoon.

In an interview with TV's Extra, which is about to be aired this week, the actor says, "Everyday it's up and down; it is the most difficult time in my life. The focus really has to be on our kids; we both love them so much, and they're doing amazingly well, better than I am probably. But it's difficult, life ain't easy."

What's more Ryan also revealed that going through a break-up in the public eye makes things harder. "It's unfortunate when you have kids ... but I signed up for this and have to deal with it. I don't read the magazines or watch the shows. ... It's hard when people follow me to my kid's school.""

From http://www.imdb.com/news/wenn/-04-21

"Robbie Coltrane Depressed After Marriage Break-Up

Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane is seeking help at The Priory clinic after the breakdown of his marriage. The chubby actor is devastated after his wife walked out with their two children, and is having intensive therapy under the care of a consultant and a dietician. The 20-stone Scot, who plays gentle giant Hagrid in the Potter films, has long battled problems with alcohol, depression and weight. A pal says, "Robbie has hit rock bottom. The fact that he is seeing a dietician shows how worried he is about his old eating habits coming back. The marriage break-up is a stressful event that can respark old addictions. Robbie is very sensible in seeking help. He is shattered that he hasn't been able to work out his problems with Rhona and is no longer with his children. They had been together for 11 years and seemed to have one of the most solid marriages in showbiz. Robbie just feels like his world has caved in." "


Fresh from her marriage break-up from Crash actor Ryan Phillippe, 32, pretty Reese Witherspoon, 30, has been spotted in Los Angeles with notorious bachelor George Clooney.


Please leave your comments , suggestions, and advice regarding marriage break ups:

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