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How to Deal With a Break Up Advice
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How to Deal With a Break Up!

Learn how to deal with a break up! One of the best ways to deal with a break up is to learn how to accept it. The more you fight accepting it, the harder it will be to deal with the break up. Acceptance and forgiveness are the two key ingredients to finding peace and happiness in any situation, and especially so when concerning a relationship break up.

One of the best ways to learn how to deal with a break up and emerge a better person is to read our very own ebook here, How to Get Over a Break Up. You'll be so glad you did!

From http://yedda.com/questions/7358141052105/

"How to Deal With a Break Up

Q. What's the best way to deal with breaking up with someone?

A. RE: How to deal with a break-up

I don't think there is an ideal way of course, everyone should do what feels good for them. Bu I can tell you how I dealt with my break up that was, for me, the mother of all break ups...

I was with my ex for 9 years and was very much dependent on him, not only emotionally, but also financially (or so I thought) we didn't have children, but we had everything else, we just bought an apartment a few months before the break up, we had pets, our whole families were very much expecting us to stay together forever. The break up was totally one sided, he just left me. I really thought that I would die, I felt like nothing good is ever going to happened and that there's no way I can learn to live on my own.

But then again, 2 years later, I'm married to a wonderful person, I learned to be brave and independent, I made new friends and had a lot of adventures and actually that break up was the best thing that ever happened to me.

How did I do it?! by not surrendering to depression or to denial. By letting myself be as sad as possible and really let myself express and feel my sadness and anger and heart break. By not trying to stay friend, not only with him but with most of our mutual friends and by just moving on with my life when the time was right.

I guess it is a little like pulling off a band aid - it's better done quick so you'll have the energy avaliable to deal with your own emotions off the matter. A really good thing I did was to let myself get very very angry. I truly wished him death in a freak car accidents and so on. I told people how angry I was. Not trying to understand the other side, and focusing more on understanding my own feeling was a huge help.

Practical advices:

1. Feel, I know it feels like letting those emotions out would be destructive, but really it's the best thing you can do, so cry, be depressed, be angry, don't be afraid of your own emotions.

2. avoid your ex - I'm not saying don't go out of the apartment, but also, don't go to the places the two of you used to hang out, if he/she wants to stay friends, refuse. There's no way to turn a lover into a friend without the buffer zone of time and recovery. Meeting them might sooth the pain for a short time, but it doesn't help you recover from the pain.

3. Therapy - I couldn't afford it at the time, but I think that this is the perfect time and way to process your feelings and also learn about your relationship patterns and how to break them.

4. Blog - That was a good way for me to express my own emotions and later on to get support and love and help from people who were reading it.

5. Understanding that this is a sucky time in life and that it's not going last forever."

35 FREE Breakup & Relationship eBooks
Join our community and get
our ebooks for free! Learn how to stop your breakup and win your ex back for free!
Broken Heart?
Find out how to mend your brokenheart caused by a broken relationship. Advice from The Breakup Guru.
Did She Dump You?
Are you a nice guy and still got dumped for a jerk? Learn how to be the bastard women want, and never get dumped again!
Win Your Ex Back!
Find out how to win your ex back and keep them hopelessly attached to you forever more!

From http://www.romanceclass.com/miscr/advice/12639

"How to deal with a break up?

Visitor's Question from a 16-20 year old Female

Hello me and my boyfriend broke up yesturday which was feb.28 2011. I don't know how I am going to move on all by myself because I see him everywhere he rides my bus, and lives down the street from me. I just need help how to get over him please help me

RomanceClass.com Advice

It's really too early to figure this out.

You've only been broken up one day and you might be back together again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, make sure he doesn't see you as desperate. Don't beg and do keep a happy smile on your face when he is around. He is certainly more likely to want to be back with you if you are not moping around.

If you are still broken up a week from now, write again."

From www.helium.com/tpc/20055

"How to deal with a break up at work
by Gisel Villagome

Dealing with an ex-boyfriend can be a hectic task. Having to deal with an ex-boyfriend at work can be even worse. First off there is the golden rule at work which states never to date a co-worker, but it is because I broke such rule that I am writing this article. It can all be a big nightmare. Not all hope is lost however, there is a chance of survival."

From http://malaysia.answers.yahoo.com/question

How to Deal With a Break Up

"There is no reason for anyone to want to kill themselves. There is someone for everyone, she is not the only or the last woman on earth. My motto is if someone you care for makes you cry they don't care for you and they aren't worth the tears. Trust me you will find someone and they will love you just as much if not more then you love them. And only time heals pain, no one can tell you how to deal with a break up, because everyone deals with everything differently. Keep your head up, and good luck to finding that special someone."

From http://raining-noodles.blogspot.com/2005/11/

"Dear Aunt Agony,

I broke up with my boyfriend recently. It's been hell even though my girlfriends are here for me, thank god. A few days ago I found a stack of letters to and from him. The ones I wrote but never dared to send him, and the ones he wrote to me. I cried when I read them. I want to forget him and yet I miss him too. What should I do with the letters?

A. Do you seek closure? Closure means tying up the emotional loose ends for good, not unlike emotional spring-cleaning. It means coming to terms with the end and moving on for good. As you have mentioned, the letters still hurt you. Not too wise to keep reading them, in my opinion.

Why let him hurt you any more? You're worth more than that shit.

Because I suspect the problem goes further back than just those letters, I'll write about how to deal with a break-up as well."

From http://www.teencentral.net/Stories/

" confused needs advice on how to deal with a break up.

confused, 16

I need some advice about a past relationship.

I was seeing this guy. He goes to college and he’s about 40 minutes away. I met him through one of my friends that graduated. He and I kept in touch since we had met. He seemed like a great guy. He did all the right things, told me I was beautiful... blah blah blah. I fell for him quite hard. He took my kissing virginity and really was the first guy I'd been in a relationship with. But to tell you the truth, I felt a lot of pressure from him. He wanted me to do whatever he wanted me to do because he was older than me. For example, he didn't think that we could make a long-distance relationship work, but he didn't want me to go on dates with other guys. So I did what he wanted me to do.

After about two months, of a "non-relationship”, he broke things off. He said that we had too many things going against us. We still write each other about 2-3 times a day. I feel like I should let him go, but there's a part of me that just feels like I won't meet anyone else like him. Should I keep in contact with him? Should I let him go and stop trying to be friends with him? Thanks, -Confused.


* confused it is an extreme challenge to end a relationship when there were so many feelings involved.

* A first relationship is tough to let go. Guys sometimes will tell a girl everything that she wants to hear to win her over. Once, he has won her over if he really didn't have a sincere interest they will look for an excuse to let her go."

From http://sg.answers.yahoo.com/question

"Q. How to deal with a break up when we will still be mates?

my girlfriend left me today. I love(d) her so so much, she was my life, my world, my everything and I could tell her anything, I am calling her to talk tonight for a chat as I have a problem at the moment and some things I want to say to her, we have agreed to remain friends, she has said no more than that but I would like to think that MAYBE we can be together again, I just dont know though, but anyway I am wondering how I can get over the break up, she knows its made me sad and she is sorry for it so thats are starting point I spose.....please only give advice if you want to help me here as this is genuine,

thanks for helping everyone


A. I know it's cliche but it's true ..... time does heal all wounds. That being said, you need to take a little time for you. It's great that you and your ex want to be friends but you just broke up today and you are already moving on to the friendship part in the same day? That's mighty fast. You haven't given yourself any time to heal and get over what is clearly a very painful situation.

For now, if you are contacting her .... stop! If she is the one contacting you, then don't take her calls, avoid her instant messages. Take time for YOU! It may take a week, may take a month but for now you need to get yourself together if you are ever truly going to be able to be a good friend to your ex, but most importantly for your own sanity and well being. You deserve it."

From http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?

"Q. Help With Songs!!?

ok... does anyone know any good songs on how to deal with a break up or moving along (besides "move along") and getting over the relationship. I wanna find a group of songs to put on a cd for my friend. PLEASE HELP!!! list as many songs that you can think of!!

A. Sometimes, excepting that you are in pain and wallowing in it (but only for a short amount of time, lol) helps.

But for some good man-hate music:

I suggest anything by Evanescence ("Call Me When Your Sober" is wonderful)

Allanis Morrisette's "You Aught to Know"

Morrisay's "How Soon is Now" (also done by Tatu)

Boomkat's "The Reckoning"

Ugly Kid Joe's "I Hate Everything About You"

For a little ego boost...."I'm too Sexy" "

From http://www.breakinguptips.com/

"How To Deal With A Break Up

How to deal with breakup

I have broken up with my Boy friend of four years I recently found out that he made another girl pregnant he swore to me that he would never hurt me and break my heart what must i do now?

Please help


give a rats ass

WE, as in all of us who have been dumped, have to admit that there are people we fall in love with who really don't give a rats ass about us. We love with all our hearts then have to go thru the pain of a broken heart while they are out there having a great time.

I know what you are saying because I loved my ex with all my heart and she turned around and lied and cheated on me several times yet I still have love for her. Its hard to understand why we can still care for these people but I guess the only answer is that we know what TRUE LOVE is and they never will.

I too have times when I hate her then wish she would realize what she threw away and come back, but that will never happen.

I just want to turn off the struggle in my head and move on and love again and not give a rats ass about her "

And from us -

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