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Break Up Spells
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Need some relationship break up spells? Here's some we gathered from around the web.

Be sure to add your own input on break up spells at the end of the page.

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From http://www.mojomoon.net/

Break Up Spells

To Break Up A Friendship
Take two lemons and cut the stem ends off.
Write one name eight times on a piece of paper and the other persons name eight times on another.
Roll it up and poke in the lemon, one in each lemon.
Bury these lemons in the yard where the sun rises and sets on them. Every day at one o'clock pour one-half cup vinegar on the lemons. Those people will fight and part. 

spell to break them up

From http://www.luckymojo.com/spells/black


Alleged to Cause Discord Between Lovers.

1 Black Couple Candle or 1 Black Figural Break-Up (Divorce) Candle
1 bottle Crossing Oil
1 packet Crossing Sachet Powder
1 packet Crossing Incense Powders
1 packet Hotfoot Powder
1 packet Goofer Dust
1 Bottle containing
9 Pins, 9 Needles, 9 Nails, black dog hair, black cat hair
1 packet Devil's Shoe Strings Curio
1 packet Devil Pod Curio
1 packet Hyssop Herb
2 White Offertory Candles

Preparation: This spell is presented in several degrees of severity, allowing you to choose just how much trouble you want to make. In addition to the items here, you will need something personal from both parties, such as their hair, footprint-dirt, menstrual blood, semen, photos, business card, or the like. The more intimate the better. In addition, you should symbolically write their full names on two pieces of paper 9 times. Use black ink for the one you want to have get away and red ink for the one you want to stay near you. Use black ink for both, if you want both to get away. Whatever item you use, those things, plus the name-papers, will be referred to as "the couple's personal items." Work during the waning of the moon).

Doing the Job: Make the Crossing Incense Powders into cones (use a twist of paper, pack the incense in with your finger, and turn it out of the cone). On the Black Couple Candle carve the couple's full names with the words BREAK UP between their names. Dress the candle with Crossing Oil and sprinkle it with Crossing Powder. For each of the next seven days burn a portion of the incense and one section of the candle. Pinch the candle out between times, never blow it out. During these 7 days, you will work the spell itself.

The bottle contains 9 Pins, 9 Needles, 9 Rusty Nails, the Hair of a Black Dog, and the Hair of a Black Cat. These are to cause pain, anger, emotional incompatibility, distance, and quarelling between the couple so that they will "fight like cats and dogs" and seek to part from each other. You have 3 types of powders. Each is alleged to produce a certain result. The more you use, the more mischief is believed to result. Hotfoot Powder is to drive someone away.

Crossing Powder is to bring about bad luck, trouble, and illness. Goofer Dust is to mess people up seriously, even unto death. Choose 1, 2, or all 3 powders; blend them together if you want.

Mix the couple's personal items with the powder(s) you have chosen, then put the mix in the bottle with the pins, needles, nails, dog hair, and cat hair; stop up the bottle and bury it under their doorstep. As you do this, pray aloud for their intranquility and break-up in your own words; ask in the name of your God or Saint. If you can't put it under their doorstep, hide it in a hollow tree where they can't find it, or carry it to the nearest graveyard and bury it (praying for the death of their relationship), or carry it to a crossroads and throw it into center of the road (praying for them to travel apart from each other), or throw it into running water (praying to have them both carried out of your life).

CLEANING UP: Wrap up any left-over candle wax, incense ashes, and unused materials in a piece of black cloth. Secure it with black thread and tie it. Throw it out at a crossroads or bury it in a graveyard.

PURIFICATION AND PROTECTION: Because breaking folks up is an Enemy Trick, you must cleanse yourself and protect from retribution. To take off your sin, prepare a bath by steeping the Hyssop Herb in a pot of boiling rain water or spring water. Light the two white candles, stand between them, and pour the Hyssop bath over your head while reciting the 51st Psalm ("Cleanse me with Hyssop; wash me and I shall be whiter than snow"). For protection, drive the 9 Devil's Shoe Strings into the dirt across the path to your door-step to tangle up anyone who may try to retaliate and cross you. Put the Devil Pods outside or behind your front and back doors to repel any evil work that may be directed toward you. 1998 catherine yronwode (cat@luckymojo.com)

win back spell

From http://www.mojomoon.net/

Mix a pinch of your powdered fingernail clippings with red wine and then serve it to your unsuspecting lover on a night when the moon is in a waxing phase.


Stick a needle through the wick of a purple candle which has been annointed with compelling oil. Light it, concentrate, and speak the following incantation:

"Needle in the flame,
Needle of fire,
Pierce his thoughts.
Make him writhe, agonize,
Till his heart turns back to me."

Let the candle burn down and then bury near where they dwell if possibe.

spell break up couple

From http://www.luckymojo.com/breakup.html


"Sometimes you don't care what it takes or how much trouble you cause -- that couple has got to break up, for the sake of your future happiness. It is our belief that Heaven does not favour those who tear love asunder without good reason, and we hope that these products are only used when the case is justified, but if you have been deceived or hurt by adultery, or if your marriage partner still keeps drifting back to his old time used-to-be -- if you want to put an end to the problem, then BREAK UP spells are traditional, effective, and, God willing, just and fair to all the parties involved."

-- The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. catalogue"

From http://www.morespells.com/breakupspells.htm


Spells Casting Break up Spells or Anti Love Spells. can be performed for a many reasons And some of the common reasons are:
> If your love is with some one else and you know the you are the right choice for him or her then you may go for.
> If you are not happy with your relation and want to be free.
> These are some of the common reasons why you can go for the spells.
Also if some one has done a love spell on you then break up spells can be used for breaking the love spell.

36 FREE Breakup & Relationship eBooks
Join our community and get
our ebooks for free! Learn how to stop your breakup and win your ex back for free!
Broken Heart?
Find out how to mend your brokenheart caused by a broken relationship. Advice from The Breakup Guru.
Did She Dump You?
Are you a nice guy and still got dumped for a jerk? Learn how to be the bastard women want, and never get dumped again!
Win Your Ex Back!
Find out how to win your ex back and keep them hopelessly attached to you forever more!

From http://www.lovespells4u.com/

"Break Up Spells - if someone is interfering in your relationship (example your spouse or lover is cheating) this is the spell to get! Works fast, is thorough and your partner is rendered "faithful" while the interfering third-party is sent "away" - all without harm to none."

From http://www.newspells.com/divorcespells.htm

"Break up Spells:

Hi here is a potion to stop loving someone.I am a store owner that sales potions spells & so on and so on. Here's the ingredents: ginger, cinamon, salt, pepper, lemon, water and rose petals. Now here's the tools you will need: black candle, something to light the candle with, spoon to stir with and a rock and cup. Now light the candle and say one time: dark sides make me stop loving this man/woman Name(say full name).Then Take all of the ingredients and put into the cup but before drinking say this 3 times: With this potion I banish my feelings for (say his/her full name) Forever. Now drink the potion.Then Put the rock at the foot of your bed (that will turn your love for him/her feelings into hatered). Now the spell is done, but it only works for some people and there's no guarantee that it will work for everyone."

stop breakup spell

From http://answers.yahoo.com/question

"Q. Anyone know any simple break up spells or any free sites for good ones? I need easy break up spells and fast.

A. suspect you won't find much of anything in the line of spells fast since websites usually charge money. If you could give me more info I could write one. I have a breaking the bonds ceremony to help stop a toxic relationship. But it isn't intended to impede on free will -- just to detach yourself (and the other person) from eachother emotionally so that you can go on your merry ways happily and healthily.

If this is an abusive relationship you need to take mundane steps, not magickal ones. Get out, call the police, get a restraining order, find shelter, etc. Magick should be a last resort.

Also, here is the abridged version of one I encountered online:

Take a piece of paper and write the names of the two people in the relationship on it. One name on either side. Rip the paper in half and burn the half with the name of the 'undesirable' person on it in the flame of a black candle and say;

As this paper burns so does their love

As this paper dissolves, So Mote it Be.

Let the paper burn completely out. Then throw the ashes over shoulder into running water. Or you could put them in a sachet someplace where you know the aforementioned person will see it.


Ever mind the rule of three - what ye sends out comes back to thee.

(Whatever energy you send out returns to you three times worse/better. Impinging on free will is a BIG no no. It will come back to bite you in the you-know-what. The rule in magick is 'An Harm it None, Do What Ye Will.' Only do the magick if it will harm no one, including yourself. Don't do anything you will regret.)"

A. Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs is essential for ... many people have in doing herb magic is that there are numerous folk names for the same plant. ...pentaclepress.com/Merchant2...Cunningham's encyclopedia is a must have. Simple as wear a fresh lily to break a love spell.

Splash lily scent on paper and write a list of reasons the relationship must end and bury as the sun sets.

A. write the persons name on a piece of paper backward and upside down so when you hold it up the the mirror it show the name straight, when the person leaves your presence burn the paper, before sunset, and sprinkle regular table salt out of the door that person walked out of

breakup spell

Please leave your comments, suggestions, or experience with break up spells, or add your own break up spells below:

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